Grand Worldwide Logistics Corporation
Logistics Systems Management

Today's retailers are ever more demanding of their suppliers. A significant new trend in the industry is the return of unsold products and materials to the provider. As market share increases at the retail level, suppliers are faced with the management of large flows of materials that must be moved back to their facilities for redistribution, rework, or disposal.

Grand Worldwide Logistics Corporation has the systems in resources in place to handle, sort, dispose, and return products in large volumes for our customers. Full reverse logistic management services include:

  • Communication with full network of retails
  • Transmission of information back to the supplier
  • Handling of truckload, rail, and container
  • Sorting Services
  • Light Assembly
  • Transportation Services including rail, FTL, LTL, and Container
  • On-line Virtual Warehousing System to track movement of materials and on-hand inventory